Merl and Liz S.
Kitchen Remodel 9 French

Merl and Liz S.

Hiring a contractor is a dicey situation — too many under-deliver and overprice.  That’s not the case with the two talented bothers who are “Seattle Remodelers”.  Two very engaging and pleasant guys — without the pretenses of other contractors we have experienced.  We interviewed them for a kitchen remodel after a less than satisfactory experience with another contractor — who had all the answers (his) regardless of what our preferences were — as we stated them. Seattle Remodelers got it right from the beginning.
What sets these guys apart is that they listen and understand what the prospective customer wants.  That was evident from the outset — and equally important they set about delivering exactly what they promised to deliver.  We were extremely impressed with the solutions they had for the various challenges that emerged along the way — and for their skill in delivering an excellent result.
Firstly they encouraged us to be involved in the selection of cabinets and counter tops — to ensure that we would be satisfied with the end result.  We followed their advice — and it led to great experiences with a highly knowledgeable staff member at Dunn Lumber, who carefully explained the tradeoffs in alternative cabinets, and expertly referred us to a local countertop provider that delivered equally expert results.
Equally important was the quality of the three subcontractors they relied on for individual aspects of the remodel: electrical, plumbing and ceiling insulation.  Each of them demonstrated knowledge and skill to driver their part of the job — and were “in sync” with the owner/operators of Seattle Remodelers — good listeners to what was desired, providing creative solutions for the kitchen remodel to our 1947-vintage house, and expert completion of the job.  Amazing guys — which speaks so highly to Seattle Remodelers — that have the right associates to complete the job, on schedule and “in-budget.”
By prior experience I was unprepared for a telephone call during the effort — while we were awaiting delivery of cabinets — when I was asked by the contractor how well they (and we) were doing in keeping within budget constraints — considering two new appliances, cabinets, marble counter tops, and their overall tear down and installation of the new kitchen (including subcontractors).  They got it done right — and be assured, if future contracting needs emerged — they will get the call. They know their business and driver excellent results — and exceptional customer satisfaction.